Over 40 years I've been flyfishing with lots of joy and fun, since 2016 I have a small business LK Flyfishing Academy AB in Haellefors, where I can teach you how to to throw with a flyfishing rod, you will have theory and paractis at a grass lawn approx. 2h, after the practis we go to a lake for fishing 4-6h and try to catch some fish with the fly.

We are fishing Catch & Release with barbless hook, it's safty for your self and make no harm to the fish, you are allowed to take 1 fish but you can hook as many you can.

I want you to bring with you Rain boots, Cap or Hat, Glasses or Sun Glasses, I have all the needed flyfishing equipment for this day.

Price per person, 1-2 person 900SEK                                                                                                                                  3-6 person 850 SEK